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湖南朗林生物资源股份有限公司实施清真保证体系(HAS)的目的是保证公司认证的产品持续一致地满足穆斯林清真的要求并遵守LP POM MUI规定的清真范围。

Naturalin Bio-resourses Co.,Ltd implements the Halal Assurance System (HAS) with the purpose of assuring that the products continuously and consistently meet the Halal requirements, and conform to the specifications in LP POM MUI

1、保证在生产认证的产品中使用的原辅料都被LP POM MUI 认为是清真的。

Ensure that the raw materials used in the certificated  products  are regarded as Halal by LP POM MUI.  


Ensure that all of the production systems for the certificated products are clean enough and nothing is non-Halal.  

3、保证所有提供给穆斯林的产品有LP POM MUI 的清真证书。

Ensure that all the proudcts provided to muslim possess Halal certificates.


Naturalin Bio-resourses Co.,Ltd implements the halal assurance system and propagandizes Halal Policy by training, email, intranet system, public lecture to all stake holder (share holders, senior management, Islamic management team, employees, workers and suppliers),in order to make all stakeholders aware that the company has a commitment to consistently produce halal products.

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